What is OnPar

OnPAR is a Private Business Venture. It will provide access to a global pipeline of unpublished research projects that can either supplement internal projects or provide new ideas for future medical products.

Is OnPAR a funding organization?

OnPAR is NOT a funding organization. OnPAR will recruit private biomedical research foundations that might be interested in funding the NIH applications that are unfunded and fall within the 30 percentile. After the pilot, additional research foundations will be added.

Will pharmaceutical and biotech companies be involved in OnPAR?

Several pharmaceuticals and biotech companies and other private biomedical agencies have joined OnPAR.

Are all activity codes eligible for OnPAR?

Yes, all activity codes are eligible for OnPAR, but must match the funding member’s priority areas.

Do you accept NIH SBIR/STTR grants?

Yes, we request that a grant received an Impact Score between 0-50.

Will NIH or other participating Partners transfer my applications to OnPAR?

Not at this time. Applicants must submit their own applications to OnPAR.

Can anybody submit an application to OnPAR?

Only investigators that have proposed meritorious unfunded research are allowed to submit their materials to OnPAR at this time. Proposals that meet the criteria below are accepted:

  • 30th percentile for major disease areas, (i.e., Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Diabetes)
  • 50th percentile for rare disease areas
  • promising non-percentiled
  • Impact Score 0-50 for NIH SBIR/STTR
How do I make sure that my Intellectual Property (IP) is protected?

After you are invited to submit a full proposal, you and your organization will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the member organization that wants to see your full application.

My application does not match any of the current funding members, should I register?

Yes. OnPAR will be adding funding members regularly so we encourage you to submit your material now.

Do you accept NIH CTSA grants?

Yes, please use NIH as the reviewing organization when submitting your abstract.

Are applications with foreign components or partners eligible?

Yes, all funding members fund international investigators, unless noted in the member’s priority areas.

Do I need to re-write my grant proposal to submit to OnPAR?

No. OnPAR will accept the original abstract and the summary statement or review evaluations that you received from NIH or the reviewing organization.

It has been awhile and I have not heard anything, is my abstract still being considered?

OnPAR is a passive system. All abstracts are available for Funders to review. So as new Funders join your abstract can be matched with the Funders research criteria.

Will OnPAR accept my unreviewed abstract?

Currently only high scoring reviewed abstracts are accepted.  However in the future OnPAR will be expanded to accept unreviewed abstracts.

Can I submit an abstract for last year?

Yes, abstracts from the previous year are accepted.