The OnPAR Process

Leidos has worked with NIH Program Officers to inform applicant Principal Investigators that have scored well, but below the Institute/Center payline, about OnPAR.

If an applicant scored in the top 30% but is not funded by NIH, they are welcome to submit an abstract for consideration. Qualified applicants are invited to register with OnPAR and participate in the submission and review process described below.

It is not necessary to re-write an application. OnPAR will accept the NIH abstract that was submitted by the applicant, and when invited, their submitted NIH application and Summary Statement.


  • Register using our simple 5 minute form, you will be sent an email confirming your application, and you are ready to give your project a second go.

Submission Process

  • After registration, sign in using username and password.
  • Enter the Title and the NIH log# of the proposal abstract you are submitting.
  • Copy and paste your abstract into the Abstract Box.

Review Process

  • Funding members will review abstracts on OnPAR and select projects of interest.

Application and Summary Statement Submission (invitation only)

  • Funders will request application materials and a summary statement from invited applicants.
  • Once invited, sign in and upload your application materials, summary statement, Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and Organization Conflict of Interest (OCI) forms into the appropriate fields.

Application and Summary Statement Review

  • Applications are uploaded for review only by Requesting Funder.
  • Funding members review materials and make their final decision(s).
  • After review, selected applicants will be contacted directly by the OnPAR funding organization/member. The member will negotiate directly with the applicant and their institution to finalize grant or contract terms.